Verstappen: Wishing to be champ is the easy part

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Ahead of his second season as a Red Bull driver, Max
Verstappen is dreaming of winning an F1 World title but
concedes that is the easy part.

This season the 19-year-old will remain with Red Bull Racing
following his promotion to the senior team in the wake of the
2016 Russian GP.

It has been a meteoritic rise for the driver, who went from
Formula 3 to Formula 1; Toro Rosso to Red Bull and
points-scrapper to race winner.

There is, however, one more huge leap forward that Verstappen
is dreaming of taking.

“Wishing to become World Champion is too easy. You also need to
fight for it,” he told his personal website.

“I just want the best car and the rest is up to you.”

The Dutchman, though, is not the only Red Bull racer wanting a
World title to his name.

Verstappen concedes that Daniel Ricciardo is the most
challenger competitor he faces as the two are racing in the
same machinery.

“The only one I can compare myself to is my team-mate,” he
explained. “The rest in the other cars are of course harder to

“I can also get along with him better than with the other

“On track, you try to beat one another, but off track, he is
very relaxed.”

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